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Suits: Absolute Power

Suits: Absolute Power is one of the BEST RPG games I've played in years. It's a sequel of Technomancy Studios previous game, Suits: A Buisness RPG, a $1 RPGMaker game.

The gameplay is standard for a turn-based RPG with a very cool corruption mechanic, where the more damage and steroids you take, the more damage you deal.

The story (without spoiling it) is beautiful, detailing a world dominated by corporations and profits, but it seems like every employee comes up short, and is on the downsizing chopping block. You play as the Final Boss from the first game, who follows a path to redemption. Although, he suffers from amnesia, so everything may not be as it seems...

But what kept me playing for more was the art style. It reminds me of the sketches in a political science major's notebook, which was the same vibe from the first game, but now it looks even more refined. I took a screenshot of every picture throughout my playthrough of the game because that's just how good the art was. I was in awe throughout the entire game.

Overall, I give this game a:


I 100%'d this game and it only took me 15 hours.
It's worth $5, and even then it always goes on sale.

Final Fantasy 4 (3D Remake)

Final Fantasy 4 was the first Final Fantasy game I had ever played. I think that it serves as the perfect introduction into the classic turn-based style of games, through it's great active turn-based gameplay, to it's amazing story and voice acting, and it's amazingly stylized visuals.

The story starts by introducing us to our main character, Cecil, a Dark Knight who works for a very corrupt king and commands a very powerful air force called the Red Wings. Right before the player takes control, Cecil had pillaged the peaceful Mage/Wizard controlled town Mysidia, stealing their crystal, wounding and killing their inhabitants. Cecil feels very guilty for his actions (rightfully because he just committed warcrimes) and because of this guilt, the king deems Cecil unfit to lead the Red Wings, and forces him to enact one last mission.
This intro is absolutely amazing because it showcases that protaganist is the antagonist of the world, and fills me with hope that he'll be able to redeem himself through the events of the game.

If you didn't know, the United States version of Final Fantasy 4 (Final Fantasy 2) was very different from the original Japanese version. It changed basic gameplay elements such as removing many characters' signature abilities, but making the game easier overall. With this in mind, the remake reintroduces lost abilities and original character and boss stats, creating what I believe to be a more enjoyable experience compared to the vanilla English port. However, the difficulty is increased a bit compared to the vanilla English port.

If you want an intro to classic Final Fantasy games, this one is the one to play.

Overall, I give this game a:


The game's on Steam but you can emulate it if you want, I don't control you.